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90-minute game report-Argentina conceded two goals in a row and France scored 2-2 in overtime. Mbappe double rang Lionel Messi.

December 19, Beijing time 23:00 on the evening of December 18, the 2022 World Cup final begins, Argentina versus France. DiMaria scored in the first half, Lionel Messi scored in a row, Otamendi sent points in the second half, and Mbappe scored twice in 97 seconds. At the end of the 90-minute game, Argentina temporarily drew 2-2 with France, and the two sides entered overtime.
[key events of the competition]
In the 20th minute, Di Maria was knocked down by Dembele when he broke through the restricted area, and the referee awarded a penalty. ↓
Lionel Messi took a penalty and shot overnight, Argentina 1-0 France! ↓
The first 35 minutes, Argentina’s counter-attack opportunity, Alvarez straight, McAllister inserted cross to the back point, DiMaria follow-up push, Argentina 2-0 France! ↓
In the 78th minute, Muani was pulled down by Otamendi in the restricted area and the referee awarded a penalty. ↓
Mbappe took the penalty shot and hit steadily, Argentina 2-1 France! ↓
The 81st minute, Mbappe header ferry, little Thuram picked a pass, Mbappe soared into the air into the net, Argentina 2-2 France! ↓
[moment of focus of the competition]
Before the game, the camera was given to Messi and Mbappe. ↓
In the 40th minute, Dembele and Giroux were replaced, and Muani and little Thuram made their debut. ↓
The 48th minute, DiMaria left cross, de Paul volley was confiscated by Lori. ↓
The 58th minute, Di Maria straight plug, Alvarez small angle hit the door was resolved by Lori. ↓
The first 60 minutes, Di Maria left to get rid of Comte cross, de Paul missed the ball again, Messi’s shot missed. ↓
In the 62nd minute, Argentina’s counterattack opportunity, Messi sent straight, Alvarez horizontal knock, Lori attack in front of McAllister to rescue. ↓
In the 63rd minute, DiMaria, who performed well in this game, was replaced and Acuna was dressed. ↓
In the 87th minute, Little Thuram fell to the ground in the restricted area, and the referee signaled to dive and showed a yellow card. ↓
The 93rd minute, Camavenga knocked back, Rabiot low shot Martinez saved in the restricted area, Romero knelt to rescue. ↓
In the 96th minute, Lionel Messi shot from the arc of the restricted area, and Lori flew out. ↓
[initial and replacement information of both parties]
Argentina starters: 23-Martinez, 26-Molina, 19-Otamendi, 13-Christian Romero, 3-Tariafico, 7-de Paolo, 24-Enzo Fernandez, 20-McAllister, 11-DiMaria (63-8-Acuna), 9-Alvarez, 10-Messi
Substitutes did not appear: 1-Almani, 12-Ruili, 2-Foise, 4-Montiel, 5-Paredes, 6-Peizerat, 14-Palacios, 15-Angel-Correa, 16-Almada, 17-Gomez, 18-Guido-Rodriguez, 21-Dibala, 22-Lautaro, 25-Lisandro-Martinez
French starters: 1-Lori, 22-Teo (70-25-Camavenga), 4-Varane, 18-Hupamecano, 5-Conde, 14-Rabiot, 8-Joan Ameni, 10-Mbappe, 11-Dembele (40-12-Muani), 7-Grizman (70-20-Coleman), 9-Giroux (40-26-Little Thuram)
Substitutes did not appear: 16-Mandanda, 23-Arreola, 2-Pawar, 3-Disassi, 17-Salibe, 24-Konate, 6-Gondozzi, 13-Fefana, 15-Veretu