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A man in Sichuan made a 120000 bet that Brazil beat Croatia, tearfully complained after the game that the rules were not clear and asked for a refund.

A man in Chengdu, Sichuan Province recently bet 120000 on Brazil’s regular time victory over Croatia, saying that he had not been informed of the clear rules to withdraw the money, Sichuan TV News Channel reported.
The man said that the lottery shop owner did not explain to him the regular time of 90 minutes and the process of overtime after stoppage time. The man thought that this had an impact on his judgment of buying the lottery ticket, that the lottery shop owner had deceived him, and he asked to withdraw the deal.
The man bet on the match in which Brazil drew 0-0 with Croatia in regular time (including stoppage time) in the fourth final of the World Cup. Brazil drew 1-1 with Croatia in extra time. Brazil lost to Croatia and was eliminated in a penalty shootout. In this competition, the winning result of the lottery should be Brazil and Croatia, so the Brazilian victory bought by the man did not win.