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Absurd facts about Italian football: Shepherd is the chairman of the team, and the truth behind it is unexpected

A German Shepherd, owns private jets, mansions, yachts and servants, lives extremely luxuriously, and even has too many
A football club, the treatment far exceeds Wang Sicong’s pet dog Wang Keke.
Such an outrageous story happened in Italy.
The world’s richest animal, named Gunther, has a fortune of nearly $400 million, managed by entrepreneur Mian through the Gunther Trust.

Mian claims that Gunther’s wealth came from a German baroness who, when she died, left the estate to a shepherd dog of the same name as her son, and when the shepherd dog died, its descendants passed on for generations
pass on this wealth.
From the first collie, it has been inherited to Gunther VI.
However, with the media reports, the truth gradually surfaced, and people discovered that behind the absurd story was a gimmick carefully designed by Mian.

Invest in sports with a brilliant record

Gunther Group’s earliest sports investment occurred in 1993.
At that time, Collie Gunther IV “acquired” the Prato Center, an Italian volleyball club in economic crisis.
However, a year later, all the good players of the team were sold, and soon declared bankruptcy.
However, their investment in the field of sports did not stop, but turned to football.

First, a background needs to be explained here.
In Mian’s narration, the German countess, who left Gunther with a huge inheritance, died childless.
Her son, also named Gunther, was an avid footballer who played for Werder Bremen’s youth team before dying in a tragic car accident.
Therefore, the Duchess stated in her will that the trust fund composed of her own estate must be used to invest in the sports career that her son loves.

(Mian as the driving force behind the scenes)

Mian’s investment was quickly extended.
On March 8, 1995, on International Women’s Day, Gunther IV became the honorary chairman of Ariana Club, the top Italian women’s football league. The team won the league championship in the 1994-95 season by 5 points.
But just three months later, Gunther IV, who was “outraged” by team captain Morache kissing a controversial politician on TV, “announced his resignation”.
The club executives also quickly cut off contact with the Gunther Group, saying: “This group of people has only one purpose, which is to advertise themselves.”

(Morace is a famous Italian women’s football player and has coached the Italian women’s national team for 5 years)

In the 1995-96 season, the Gunther Group took another shot, naming Ariana’s competitor Verona CF Women’s Football, and the team was renamed Verona Gunther.
They recruited a large number of Italian women’s football internationals, even including Morace, who had previously caused Gunther IV to “resign”.
Gunther IV continued to “serve as the chairman”, and the Verona CF women’s football team also successfully reached the top of the league this season.

Into the men’s football, frequent shots

After achieving achievements in the field of women’s football, the Gunther Group’s eyes came to the men’s football field.
They had been interested in buying Serie A team Genoa, but failed.
In 2002, Gunther IV “assumed office” as the president of the Pisa Club. The team won the fourth place in the Serie C League in the 2002-03 season, but lost in the relegation play-offs.
Since then, Pisa’s performance ranked in the middle of the league. In 2005, Gunther Group sold the team.

(In the 2002-03 season, Pisa won the fourth place in the Serie C league)

Pontedera is another team acquired by Gunther Group. This team is the first team coached by former Italian and Chinese men’s football coach Lippi in his coaching career.
In 2006, the team competed in the Serie A league.
This time, Mian’s actions were even crazier.
Of the three chairmen he appointed for the club, two are well-known pornographic actresses, and one is a rapper from the UK.
Of course, Mian’s series of operations are not just for investing in football. As a candidate for the Tuscan House of Representatives, he did so to promote his views on reproductive rights and to build momentum for his participation in the 2006 Italian presidential election.

(Pontedra is now playing in Serie C)

The Gunther Group’s investment in Pontedera was also short-lived.
Since then, Mian has claimed that he has lost interest in football, but he still won the Keller in 2010 with two stars Buffon and C-Lucarelli, who is also located in Tuscany with Pontedella.
Shares in Lacey Club.

Until 2021, the Gunther Group is still active in the football field. They first took over the Minsk Kurumkashi Club in Belarus. This team was established in 2011 and has often been involved in political incidents in recent years.
Since then, they have also contacted the Serie A team Salernitana, but this attempt was not successful.
Otherwise, the absurdity of a dog serving as the chairman of the Serie A team and “managing” stars such as Piantek, Ochoa, and Candreva is likely to appear.

Mysterious background, all fabricated

Mian has always claimed that he was qualified to help Gunther’s descendants take care of the Duchess’ property for a long time because he healed one of Gunther’s elders and wrote a song about the process.
After hearing the song, the Countess was very moved and thought of her son with the same name.
Therefore, the Countess approached Mian, set up a trust fund with Gunther as her heir, and managed it by Mian.

However, in 2021, a piece of news about “shepherd dogs selling villas” caused Mian’s fabricated story to be exposed by the media.
The Associated Press believes the mansion is owned by the Gunther Group, played by Collie