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Alma mater missed the first national championship, Daichi Kamada is grateful for creating history, I am proud of Higashiyama

January 10 News After Higashiyama missed the first chance to win the national competition, Japanese international Daichi Kamada won the personal
He posted on social media that he would be proud of his alma mater.

In the final of the 101st Japan High School Football Championship that ended yesterday, Higashiyama lost 1-3 to Okayama Gakyukan and missed the championship.
Regarding his alma mater missing the national championship, Daichi Kamada wrote on his personal social media:

"Thank you to everyone at Dongshan High School who together made new history and made Dongshan’s name known across the country. Although my name is always mentioned when it comes to Dongshan, I didn’t achieve much there
, just entered the top eight in Kyoto Prefecture. Thank you for making history, and you make me proud of Higashiyama!"

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