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Almiron: Gralish is an excellent player and a good man. I will shake hands with him when I meet him.

December 22 recently, Newcastle striker Almiron talked about Glelish in an interview, he said he did not mind the latter’s previous remarks about himself, and that Gralish is an excellent player.
During Manchester City’s title celebration in May, Gralish said team-mate Mahrez was “like Almiron” in City’s last game of the season against Aston Villa and apologized to Almiron in an interview in December.
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When asked about this topic in a recent interview, Almiron said: “I am not enthusiastic about this. Gralish is a great player and I will always wish him all the best. He joined Manchester City for good reasons.” I’m just trying to avoid any comparisons and concentrate on doing my own thing. It’s no big deal. ”
Speaking of Gralish’s apology in a recent interview, Almiron said: “I watched the interview and heard that he spoke highly of me. I never opposed Gralish. I always thought he was an excellent player and a good man.” I don’t have any questions about him. It was a good interview. As a matter of fact, the way he speaks is an expression of his character. ”
Finally, when the reporter asked, “what would you do if Gralish showed up now?” Almiron said: “I will shake his hand, which is no problem.”