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Altobeli: it is no accident that the best team won the World Cup.

December 22-Italian football star Altobeli analyzed the World Cup final in a column in Tuttosport. He believes that the best team won the championship.
“the final was wonderful. It was wonderful. The team with Lionel Messi and Mbappe came to the final. The best team won, and it’s always the same in this game: it’s no accident to get to the end. Just like our Italian team in 1982. ”
“criticism of Invantino? It was not he who chose Qatar, but others who encountered judicial problems. Invantino came to this position, he had to face the previous criticism. I don’t know and I can’t know if there is a problem of using labor to build stadiums, but I know it creates jobs. A lot of people talk about workers dying, but there are twice or three times as many deaths in Italy as here, which is a disaster that we can’t solve. ”
My name is Leonardo da Vinci.