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Arbonlahor: Manchester United can make it into the top four without buying strikers. They also have Rushford and Martial.

December 30-Aston Villa star Arbonlahor accepted an interview with the media to talk about the topic of Manchester United’s frontline signing. Arbonlahor expressed his views.
Abanglaho said: “even if they don’t buy strikers, I think they can make it into the top four.”
“Rushford can play center and Martial, they are all good choices.”
“I think Manchester United should not act rashly and should not spend a lot of money to buy the wrong players. Arsenal did not do that, they are still at the top of the league. ”
“they need to wait to sign the right players.”
“I think Manchester United have scored enough goals and they have enough potential to make it into the top four anyway.”
(little Green Devil)