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Are you crazy? Morgan social media update: Messi is GOAT, Arsenal is the worst, Messi will go to Saudi Arabia

December 27 well-known host Pierce-Morgan Media seems to have been hacked, in a short period of time continue to output a variety of content.
Social media excerpt: “Messi is the real GOAT, and Mbappe.”
“Arsenal are the worst team.”
“I will be very angry if Chelsea do not transfer Mickey Mouse and let Prisic start.”
“Lionel Messi will go to Saudi Arabia, as will more than 10 other Premiership players, and it seems that a lot of European players will eventually go there. The Premier League will die out in ten years. The Saudi Premier League will take over. I have all the evidence. ”
Earlier, one of his social media wrote: Mbappe Owns Messi