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Ars è ne Wenger talks about the reason behind the excellent performance of the French team: having a world-leading training system

December 17-Ars è ne Wenger said in an interview with the team newspaper that behind the excellent and stable performance of the French national team is the world-leading French player training system.
Wenger said: “I am not surprised by the success of the French team in recent years.” In the past 20 years, we have always had a competitive team. If the best clubs in the world choose our players, it is because they believe they are one of the best players in the world. ”
“over the past two decades, France has been at the forefront of player training. When I arrived in the UK in 1996, they did not have a really structured training centre. What did they do? They copied France. In Germany, there are no structured training institutions. What did they do? They also copied France. When I was a kid, we were still trying to imitate the Germans. We have always been ahead of other countries in player training. ”
On the integration of immigrant players, Wenger said: “We have a very good federal structure in French territory.” We are very strong in identifying talents and training quality. We have dynamic amateur football, energetic and well-trained coaches. Therefore, we have gradually expanded the talent network to the whole territory. ”
“French football is closely related to immigration. There are five Golden Globes in France, and four people are of immigrant origin. Including Copa of Polish origin, Platini of Italian origin, Zidane and Benzema of Algerian origin. Sports has a great advantage. It only rewards those with good grades, so pedigree is not a problem. ”