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As: Dembele and Lafinia both want to play on the right, and Barcelona need to sell one of them.

According to the Spanish newspaper as, Barcelona’s two wingers Dembele and Lafinia prefer to play on the right, and for Xavi, one of them will have to be sold next summer.
“I prefer to play on the right,” Dembele said on Aug. 21. “I asked Xavi not to play on the left,” Lafinia said on November 8. Xavi has been trying to get the two men to start together in the first half of the season. but both prefer to be on the right.
Barcelona’s contract with Dembele expires in 2024 and La Fania’s contract expires in 2027. Barcelona will make a decision to sell one of the two men at the end of the season.
For Xavi, he has always been a supporter of Dembele, while Laporta is the one who personally brought Lafinia to Barcelona, which means there will be a heated discussion within Barcelona.
Dembele’s performance in the World Cup was not good, he was replaced in the first half of the final, and Rafinia’s performance was not much better.
Dembele has played 20 games for a total of 1289 minutes this season, while Rafinia has played 865 minutes.