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As newspaper: Barcelona will vote for a new captain, and Teshi is the most likely to be elected.

December 29, according to the as newspaper, as the former captain Pique announced his retirement, Barcelona need to choose a new captain to fill the vacancy, of all the candidates, the most promising is goalkeeper Terstgen.
According to as, it is expected that all the World Cup players will return in the next few days. Barcelona will vote for the captain in the dressing room, with coaches and players involved. Of all the players, goalkeeper Terstgen is the most likely to be elected captain of Barcelona.
Terstgen, who joined Barcelona in the summer of 2014, is already one of Barcelona’s most experienced players and has influence in the team. His name has been associated with the captain for some time, and Pique’s departure may eventually speed up the process.
As a matter of fact, there seems to be no other important candidate to fill the vacancy at present. Busquets is likely to leave next summer and Lewandowski has just joined.
Terstgen has never concealed his desire to be captain. In an interview with the World Sports newspaper, he made it very clear that it would be “a great pride” to wear the captain’s armband one day.
Terstgen will prove his weight in the dressing room in the next few days. The Barcelona goalkeeper has not won the captain’s armband since Valdez, a clear sign of respect and commitment within the team.