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As newspaper: Cavani and Jimenez will face 10 to 15 or longer suspensions for violations

December 24-according to as, in the World Cup group match between Uruguay and Ghana, Jimenez and Cavani will be prosecuted by FIFA for their violations after the match, and they will face a ban of 10 to 15 games or longer.
The World Cup ended last Sunday and its influence will last for some time. Valencia and Atletico Madrid will await the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on the misconduct of the Uruguayan Football Association, particularly Cavani, Jimenez, Muslera and Godin.
Cavani and Ximenes will be punished for violating rules 11 and 12 of FIFA discipline after the vs Ghana match in Uruguay.
As revealed by Uruguayan newspaper El Pa í s, FIFA communicated with the Uruguayan Football Association, saying that FIFA would file charges against the players by January 9.
It is estimated that the final decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee will not be known until the end of February, when Valencia and Atletico Madrid will be affected.
Cavani and Ximenes are expected to be suspended for 10 to 15 games. But if the FIFA Disciplinary Committee characterizes Cavani and Ximenes’s actions as public incitement to “hatred or violence”, they will be punished by banning football-related activities for at least six months.
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