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Aspen: Harvey may adopt 442 tactics in the Western Super Cup, and Araujo will play right back against Vinicius

January 15th, the final of the Western Super Cup between Barcelona and Real Madrid is about to hit,
“Aspen” reported Harvey’s possible tactics in this game.

“Aspen” stated that Harvey may make a series of tactical adjustments in the Western Super Cup final. The team will change from the usual 4-3-3 formation to a 4-4-2 formation.
The purpose of the tactics used in the time race is to have 4 midfielders to better control the scene.

Pedri or Garvey would be on the wing, while Busquets would return to the starting line-up, and if De Jong managed to overcome his discomfort, he would partner Busquets.

In terms of defense, Harvey may choose to use Araujo to neutralize the threat of Vinicius, so the Uruguayan central defender will play the right back position, Conte and Christensen will partner central defenders, and Alba or Barr may be on the left.

Dembele, who also felt unwell before, should also play, if he can overcome his injury problems.
In addition, Fati will also play a role in the final, but Xavi now regards him more as a second-half substitution option.

(Goblin Slayer)