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Assistant coach in Rongcheng: After the league, the players’ physical condition is not ideal and they will focus on defensive counterattacks when they play in Haigang

January 4 News Tomorrow afternoon, the quarter-finals of the Football Association Cup will be held between Chengdu Rongcheng and Shanghai Haigang
Today, assistant coach Xu Jianye of Chengdu Rongcheng and player Liu Bin attended the press conference.


Xu Jianye: Due to the epidemic, the team had a fever and a cold in the last few rounds of the league, but the players continued to finish the game with injuries.
The physical condition of the players after the league was not ideal, so we chose more young players for the FA Cup.
For young players, the FA Cup is a very rare training opportunity. I hope that the players will show their spirits on the court, and also hope that they can grit their teeth and persevere in difficult times. I believe that the players will work hard to play wonderful games and show their best.

talk about game strategy

Xu Jianye: The goal of Haigang is to win the FA Cup, so they will definitely play with all their strength. We will face a lot of pressure, so we will start from defense and strive to seize opportunities to fight back.

Liu Bin, a team member who attended together, said: "Tomorrow’s game is the first game of this year. We will prepare carefully and hope to dedicate a wonderful game to everyone."

(Liang Sheng Mo Chen)