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Barcelona hope to sign Mbappe next summer? Believe it and fall for it, ❌. Today is April Fool’s Day in Spain.

December 28-World Sports News previously reported that Barcelona hope to sign Mbappe next summer. Reported that after the World Cup final defeat, Mbappe can not stand Messi is about to renew his contract, he wants to leave the team.
In fact, it’s just a joke, because December 28th is D í a de los Santos Inocentes in Spain, and the Spanish newspaper Le Monde is no exception, creating false news that Barcelona want to sign Mbappe.
In addition, there are Spanish media reports, Enrique coach Real Madrid, Gwadior 20 million Europe to join Real Madrid and other entertainment news.
Not only that, Western Association B team Melilla also announced today that he has signed a contract with Isko until 2028, and even made an official poster, but this is just an April Fool’s Day joke.