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Barcelona will play again 34 years later on December 31, when Barcelona win all the home games on that date.

December 25-Barcelona will face the Spaniard at home in the 15th round of La Liga. According to statistics, this is the first time in 34 years that Barcelona will play on December 31.
The last time Barcelona played on December 31 was in 1988. December 31, 1988, the 17th round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid home Calderon ushered in the challenge of Barcelona. In that game, Atletico Baltazar scored a penalty to give Atletico Madrid the lead, but then Robert, Lineker and Vaquero scored three goals in a row to help Cruyff’s team win 3-1. It is worth mentioning that in 1991, the Spanish league established a Christmas holiday. Before that year, it was very common to compete at the end of the year.
On December 31, Barcelona played a total of 12 games in its history, including eight official games and four friendlies. Barcelona first played at the end of the year at Camp del Carrer Ind ú stria, the old home in 1911. Barcelona won 5-1 in a friendly against French team Stade Etoile Bleu.
In these 12 games, Barcelona have achieved a record of two wins, one loss and one draw in four friendlies. The record of the other eight official games is 6-2. In addition, Barcelona have not lost on December 31 since 1967. The last time they lost on December 31 was 55 years ago, when they lost 2-1 to Sevilla at the Pisjuan Stadium.
If you only look at the record of the home game, Barcelona won all the official games played at home at Barcelona on December 31. The only defeat was in a friendly against Austria’s Wiener amateur team in 1922.