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Bayern 23-24 season home jersey spy photos: the first time using white main color reverse Arsenal style

January 1, the famous football equipment website Footy Headlines exposed the Bayern 23-24 season home jersey prediction
, This will be the first time in Bayern Munich’s history to adopt a white-based home jersey, and the design of the jersey is called the "reverse Arsenal" style.
According to reports, it is still impossible to determine the exact appearance of Bayern’s home jersey for the 23-24 season.
However, according to reliable sources, this "reverse Arsenal" style jersey will use the "white shirt and red sleeve" design.
Compared with Arsenal’s home jersey, the difference between the two is mainly the difference in the logo. The Arsenal jersey uses gold on the logo, while Bayern retains the original color of the logo without making any changes.
Bayern introduced a rule in 2018 that only the traditional red and white color schemes will be used for main game equipment such as home jerseys. The 23-24 season jersey forecast map exposed this time also continues this tradition in terms of design.
In addition, the website stated that Bayern’s 23-24 season home jersey will be released in mid-May this year, and Arsenal’s home jersey will be released a few weeks after the Bayern jersey is launched.