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Besides Auxerre, European teams have also contacted Zhang Yuning, but there has been no real progress

January 10 According to a report from "Beijing Youth Daily", some European teams have contacted Zhang Yuning
The signal to introduce him was released, but no real progress was made.

Talking about the situation of Zhang Yuning studying abroad, Beiqing said that since Zhang Yuning joined Guoan in 2019, he has not given up the idea of studying abroad again. After all, as he grows older, the space for studying abroad will become smaller and smaller.
If he decides to stay abroad, now is a relatively ideal time for Zhang Yuning as a striker.

On the issue of studying abroad, Zhang Yuning and his father Zhang Quancheng have very consistent attitudes, that is, "I will not study abroad for the sake of studying abroad. If the result of studying abroad is to sit on the bench, then it is better to play in the Chinese Super League in a domestic club."

The Ligue 1 Auxerre club has been mentioned recently. In fact, Zhang Yuning had indeed communicated with Auxerre before. In addition to Auxerre, some other European clubs have contacted Zhang Yuning and released a signal to introduce him.
, but so far no substantial progress has been made in the matter of studying abroad.

Beiqing also said that Zhang Yuning’s ideal choice is to stay in the traditional Guoan in the domestic league when the prospect of studying abroad is unclear.
Regarding the rumors that other Chinese Super League teams intend to "poach" Zhang Yuning, his attitude is very clear, that is, if there is no ideal goal of studying abroad, staying in Guoan is his first choice.