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Bid night Kulu is expected to play in the North London Derby, Richard Lison Bentancur is expected to be absent

January 11, according to the “London Evening Standard” report, Tottenham attacker Kulusev
Ski trained on Tuesday local time, continuing his recovery process ahead of the north London derby.

Spurs have not responded to questions about Kulu’s condition since his departure against Villa with a muscle problem, with the player missing games against Crystal Palace and Portsmouth.

Brian Hill has excelled in Kullu’s absence, which will provide sweet annoyance for Conte as he is expected to return for the north London derby.
Sky Sports footage also showed Kulu engaged in light individual training on Tuesday, but there is no firm return date yet.

In addition, after withdrawing from the game due to an ankle injury at the weekend, Bisuma has also returned to Tottenham team training.
Richarlison and Bentancur did not take part in training and are expected to miss the game against Arsenal.

(Ma Dongyu)