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Brazilian media: Bahia is in operation to help Golat restore Brazilian nationality to save foreign aid quota.

December 24-according to previous reports, Chinese naturalized player Gao Rat successfully renewed his contract with Bahia for another year, and he will play for the team in La Liga next season.
Bahia local media “ecbahia” said that the two sides are seeking to help Gaulat restore Brazilian nationality, Gao Rat currently occupies the team’s foreign aid quota, in order to help the team bring in more quality players, Bahia’s legal department is working on the matter, which was confirmed by Bahia Football Director Sanduro in an interview.
Earlier, Dezhuan and the Football Daily and other media also revealed that Golat would regain his Brazilian nationality because after leaving the Chinese Super League, he could no longer meet the rule of living in China for five consecutive years, and it was almost impossible to continue to play on behalf of Chinese football.