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British mediaThe former England team chef joined Manchester United and was responsible for providing high-quality catering for the first team

January 1, according to, the former England team chef Omar Mezia
Omar Meziane joined Manchester United and became a member of Ten Hag’s behind-the-scenes team.

Meziani worked with the FA as England head chef from 2017-2022.
He initially worked with the England Under-17s as they won the World Youth Championship in South Korea, and was later part of Southgate’s behind-the-scenes team during the 2018 World Cup and Euro 2021.
Although he also helped England prepare for the 2022 World Cup, he left shortly before the start of the tournament.

Instead, he traveled to Pakistan with the England cricket team in November and December last year on a winning tour.

Manchester United advertised last summer for the position of head chef.
Their executive chef, James Tagg, leads a team of over 100 staff who arrange all catering at the club, including restaurants and food outlets at Old Trafford.
But United have been looking for a chef whose first job is with Ten Hag’s first team.

Meziani will be based at the Carrington Training Centre, where he will "prepare, produce and deliver a consistent high-quality catering service", although on match days he will also travel home and away with the team.
He will work closely with Manchester United nutritionists Tom Whitehead and Mark Ellison to develop menus for players in training and at home.

It’s just the latest change in United’s staff behind the scenes, with director of football John Murtaugh and manager ten Hag trying to restructure and revitalize the club’s entire football department.

Meziani, whose father ran a Moroccan restaurant, started working as a chef at London’s Oxo Tower in the mid-1990s.
His first foray into professional sport was at Wycombe Wanderers, and he went on to work with the Hornets and Harlemquats in the Rugby Union.
At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, he served for the British rowing team and the England cricket team.

He has also done extensive private work with top athletes, including Chelsea players, and co-authored a cookbook with former England rugby star James Haskell.

In an interview with earlier this year, Meziani said: "I like to think about what any player I have spoken to has said, and I have had some influence on them, however small. I just think
Showing them that food is not just about chicken and broccoli and quinoa, but that it can be exciting and delicious. It’s about cooking for their performance and recovery, and it’s about choosing the right food at the right time.”

“Since getting into these sports, I’ve been very driven by my origins, those North African flavors and tastes. We all know what’s good for us to eat, which means you have a good, balanced diet. That means good quality fish,
Turkey and chicken. We combine that with the right amount of carbs and lots of vegetables. Players play two games a week and you have to make sure they’re getting the right amount."

"If they don’t play a lot, then you have to adjust their intake of some things, because then they don’t burn as many calories. In general, I know that every time my katsu curry is with the players, it will be better."
A winner. I consider this my final legacy to the FA!"

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