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Busquets: Be prepared for Real Madrid’s shortcomings, they won’t have too much ball control

January 15 before the Spanish Super Cup final against Real Madrid, Barcelona midfielder Busquets
In an interview, he said that the team needs to be prepared for Real Madrid’s shortcomings.

Busquets said: “We already have ambition as a standard, it will be different against Betis, and I think, based on what we know about Madrid, we need to be prepared for their shortcomings and to play in certain situations.
Take a tough approach in the area and Real Madrid won’t have much possession.”

“We have to focus on ourselves and try to win titles. We’re in a period where we haven’t won titles, after the last cup win there’s been a lot of changes in the players, the coaches, we’ve got a lot of young people and that’s going to be a motivator.
An extra push to keep us on the right track.”

Regarding the future, Busquets said: “No news, I haven’t decided yet, the important thing is now, this final.” Then Busquets talked about the changes in players, and he went on to say: “I don’t think you need to do this.
Every player is different.”

“Anyone who can play can get a chance, Nico is out on loan, De Jong and Kessie are available, everyone brings something different. Regarding the options in the transfer market, it’s a matter for the club.
, is not my task.”

(Ma Dongyu)