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Cameroon Football Association official: 21 out of 30 members of the U17 national team were expelled due to bone age test failure

January 2 Recently, the Cameroon Football Association issued an announcement that 21 members of the Cameroon U17 national team were expelled due to bone age.
Those who failed the test were expelled from the team.
The content of the announcement is as follows: In order to prepare for the UNIFFAC Limbe 2023 tournament and the qualifying match of the African U17 Championship, the Cameroon Football Association recruited 30 players of the right age to prepare for the event, but 21 of the 30 players failed the test after the bone age test.
The player will be expelled from the team from now on, and our Football Association is considering recruiting other players to replace him.
With the official approval of the President of the Cameroon Football Association, I will take the above measures to ensure that the unhealthy trend of falsification of age can be stopped, which seriously damages the image of Cameroon football.
The Cameroon Football Association solemnly appeals to all football players, especially coaches, to ensure that the age classification system is strictly implemented.