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Candela’s response to Mourinho: I have respect and love for Roma, and I don’t want to cause controversy

January 14, Roma coach Mourinho believes that the famous Candela’s remarks caused Roma fans to be in the game
Booed Zaniolo, Candela clarified this.

During Roma’s Coppa Italia match against Genoa at home, Zaniolo was booed by Roma fans.
Mourinho said after the game: “When there is a guy who takes a salary from Rome and criticizes the players in front of the microphone, the players start to get booed because the fans listen to him.”
This person is the famous Roman star Candela. Candela previously said that Rome “only played a good goal for 5 minutes” against Milan, and also said that Zaniolo “he should have scored more goals and assists.”

For Mourinho’s criticism, Candela did not want to expand the contradiction, but chose to calm down.
Candela posted on social media: “I don’t think anyone booed Zaniolo for my remarks (as Mourinho implied). I will be sorry, because those who know me know that there are
Sometimes when they ask me, I will say what I really think about Roma, but always with a lot of respect and love for the club, the team, the coach, and all Roma people. I don’t want to cause controversy, this
Not what I hoped for.”

Many Romans, including the Roman legend De Rossi and the former president of the Roma Club, Rosella Sensi, liked Candela’s Instagram.
Rosella Sensi also said: “I don’t like what Mourinho said about Candela, it doesn’t do us any good at Roma. The coach is right to defend his players and if the criticism is inappropriate, he can take it
Annoyed, it happens a lot in our environment. But I have known Candela for many years, I know his sincerity, he is a man who is blunt, generous, respects the jersey and wants Roma to always win. He doesn’t
Any malice, what he said just wanted Roma to be strong forever and that’s what Jose Mourinho wanted. His love for this team is unquestionable.”

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