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Cantonese media: even if the Guangzhou team shouts loudly, there is still silence around it.

On December 28, in the penultimate round of the Chinese Super League, the Guangzhou team lost 1-4 to Changchun Yatai, relegating one round in advance and losing 20 rounds in a row. “New Express” issued an article expressing the helplessness and sadness of the Guangzhou team’s demotion.
The article reviews the glory of Guangzhou team in the past: in the 2010 season, Guangzhou team won the championship of Chinese League An and successfully entered the Super League three rounds ahead of schedule. Since entering the Chinese Super League in 2011, Guangzhou has won eight Chinese Super League championships in the past 12 years, including seven consecutive championships from 2011 to 2017, the highest number in league history. In addition, Guangzhou team also won 2 FA Cup titles and 4 Super Bowl titles.
The all-powerful team that swept Asia, the benchmark that brought tens of thousands of fans back to the stadium, the club that took pride in winning the AFC Champions League. In just a few years, it fell rapidly.
In this year’s AFC Champions League, the goal guarded by he Lipan, the young goalkeeper of the Guangzhou team, was pierced one after another by his opponents, and the initials “HE L P” were printed on the back of his jersey. After the game, he was posted on social media by foreign fans, joking that the Guangzhou team was shouting for help. And today’s Guangzhou team, even if the voice is broken, there is still silence around.
Referring to the difficulties of the Guangzhou team this year, the New Express said that since the beginning of this winter, the Guangzhou team has fallen into unprecedented financial difficulties for well-known reasons. In a winter transfer window, more than 30 players chose to leave. In the new season, the average age of Guangzhou team is 20.7. This number, not to mention participating in the Chinese Super League, is unheard of even in low-level leagues.
In August this year, Zheng Zhi was ordered to take over the coaching staff in the face of danger, taking Huang Bowen, Zhang Chenglin and Mei Fang into the coaching staff, all of whom played the roles of both players and coaches. But for those who experienced that glorious era, no one wanted to see the Guangzhou team relegated. Rong Hao returned to his hometown, Hao Junmin also joined, and Tan Kaiyuan, who was unable to travel in Europe, also came back. It is said that at that time, both Gao Lin and Zhang Linyi expressed their willingness to return, but in the end they failed to make the trip for a variety of reasons. In addition to leading the team to win a big victory over Shenzhen in the first game, Zheng Zhi’s team suffered 20 rounds of defeat since then. Even if Huang Bowen and Zhang Chenglin play, the defeat is still irreparable.