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Carragher’s July analysis: Manchester City and Liverpool need to adjust their tactics when they introduce strong support, giving other teams a chance

January 15 News Manchester City lost 1-2 to Manchester United, only leading the Red Devils by 1 point, more matches
5 points behind Arsenal.
Carragher’s analysis of the title race was dug up last July.

Manchester City introduced Harland this summer, and many people thought that the Premier League championship would lose suspense.
Carragher analyzed in his column that Manchester City’s introduction of Harland and Liverpool’s introduction of Nunez gave other Premier League teams a chance.
Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United have all improved their teams. Manchester City and Liverpool will inevitably need to adjust their tactics and styles after introducing strong support, and the gap will be narrowed.

Simply put, adding shooters will make an otherwise well-rounded team better, and history tells us it’s dangerous to assume that.
Jimmy Greaves, Lineker and Shearer are examples.
They join teams that have already won or are close to winning a championship at their peak, and they are only one step away from the top.
Greaves joined White Hart Lane in 1961 after Tottenham won the league and FA Cup double, but he never won the league.
Lineker joined Everton in the summer of 1985, shortly after Kendall won the title.
Lineker scored 40 goals, but it was Liverpool who won the double in 1986. He then joined Barcelona and Everton won it again a year later without him.
When Shearer joined Newcastle, although he won the Golden Boot, he did not let Keegan’s team win the championship.

This is not a criticism of these world-class players who have delivered goals and decisive performances.
What has changed is the composition of the team they join.
When you strengthen an area of the pitch, in this case adding a striker in the box who delivers the finishing touch, the coach knows the team is at risk, another element of the team is sacrificed, the balance needs to be adjusted.

Guardiola and Klopp adjusted their tactics at the same time, which is why other teams should see their opportunities.
It may prove to be false optimism, but Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United have better chances than they did a year ago.
Chelsea’s situation may be different, although the strength of their coach and team is beyond doubt.