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Chairman Batty Viola said that he wants to lead the team to achieve success, but he can’t sell Chiesa and DV9 while talking

January 10th, in an interview with DAZN reporter, the Argentine “God of War” Batis
Tuta talked about his home team Fiorentina.

Batistuta said: “Fiorentina president Commisso is very ambitious and the club wants to achieve something, but they have a typical American mentality.”

“While he said he wanted to revitalize Fiorentina, he sold important players like Vlahovic and Chiesa. I don’t agree with this approach. If you want to win some achievements, you must retain strong support.”

“Fiorentina want to do something, and I think they can do something, but I think it may be difficult to succeed in a short period of time. If it continues like this, it may take longer for them to achieve their goals.”

(Real Steel)