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Chamberlain: If the second goal is scored, the outcome may be different. Generally speaking, our performance is not good enough

January 3 After losing 1-3 to Brentford in the Premier League, Liverpool attacked
Speaking to the club’s official website, Chamberlain said the overriding feeling was disappointment.

Regarding the evaluation of the overall performance of the team

Oxlade-Chamberlain: "It was tough, we were just not good enough, we knew it was going to be a tough game, we knew they were a threat from set pieces but we weren’t good enough. They had some goals ruled out by VAR,
But that was the warning sign and in the end we conceded the second goal sloppily and then at 0-2 things got tough. I think sometimes we did well and we had some good moments but we didn’t
Keep doing the things that made us successful, we didn’t give them problems in the backcourt."

"At half-time we wanted to come out and really go into the game, we had that belief. The goal helped us, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the second goal quickly. If we scored the first
Two goals, it could have been a different ending. Brentford played their own game, they played very well, we fell into a bit of a trap tonight, overall we didn’t play well enough.

about my role

Oxlade-Chamberlain: "I’ve watched Mane and Salah out there over the years and one of the things they both do really well is bring goals to the team, obviously when Nunez is in the middle
It’s a little bit different because he’s a threat in the opposition defence, and usually when Firmino is in that position, he drops a little bit deeper and fills the space in the half."

"So, that’s my role there, to be the guy to drop back a little more and try to connect with the team-mates, but in the end I’m going to keep up with Nunez and Salah and get into the box, or be around the box. That’s
That’s what I’ve been thinking the last couple of games, so it’s nice to have this opportunity and take it, but unfortunately it doesn’t make any sense and the overriding feeling is disappointment."

Getting better from game to game

Chamberlain: "I think it was clear tonight how I felt in the game, rhythm is very important, and now I have the opportunity to start, I feel good. I know when I go out there, when I get the opportunity to play that role
, I need to do more, I need to bring more impact to the game. That’s what I’m missing, for any striker or attacking player, scoring goals or creating chances is very important, for me
Said the same."

"Fortunately, the goal in this game helped me, but in the end the most important thing is that I didn’t score the second goal, and I’m sure Salah and Nunes will feel the same way. If
We scored the second goal to make it 2-2 and maybe things would have been different. But at the moment it’s hard to think of anything positive because the overriding feeling is that we’re not good enough overall."

(Ma Dongyu)