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Dent: can understand Ramsey’s loss, he has always kept in touch with the club

December 28-the Welsh national team failed to qualify in the World Cup in Qatar, which dealt a heavy blow to Nice player Ramsey. Prior to Nice coach Favre revealed that Ramsey is currently depressed, has not yet returned to the team. A few days ago, Nice captain Dent said in an interview that they can understand Ramsey’s loss. Ramsey has always kept in touch with the team and believes that he will return to the team soon.
Dante said: “the club has agreed to give him a few more days off and we respect his decision.” It took him some time to get used to living in other cities, injuries and the blows of the World Cup. We can understand his loss and need to maintain respect from a humanitarian point of view. He has been keeping in touch with the club and I believe he will be able to play with the team soon and his experience will be of great help to us. ”