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Dorival: Brazil should not hire foreigners to coach unless he is the best, such as Guardiola.

December 17-2022 season is still coaching in flamenco Dorival-J ú nior in an interview a few days ago, talked about the topic of the new coach of the Brazilian national team.
“I don’t think the national team should be coached by a foreign coach unless he is the best coach in the world. In my opinion, Guardiola is such a person, if not the best person, then it is not necessary.”
“We have won five World Cups, not only because we have great players but also because we have always had great coaches. I think we have to stop the idea of having foreigners to coach.”
“I don’t see the gap that Brazilian coaches are talking about. I’ve been watching foreign football since 2013. I’ll be honest. I don’t see any difference from what we’re going through. Yes, there are some changes, but they don’t attract much attention. We must also know that Europeans have been studying football for more than 30 years, and it is logical for us to spend some time studying football. Is the Brazilian Football Association concerned about this problem? Are our technicians paying attention? So that today, our coach training courses have not been recognized by foreign countries. Although we have received invitations from all over the world, we can’t go to Portugal to coach, it’s all useless, we don’t have this condition. The countries under Uefa are different from our coach training. ”
Note: Pereira, the former head coach of Shanghai Seaport, will take office as Flamengo coach in 2023.
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