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Each body: the first step out of the ice-breaking, Laporta plans to get in touch with Messi in the next few days

December 22-Barcelona president Laporta plans to get in touch with Lionel Messi in the next few days, which is the first step for him to manage the Argentine star to return to the Rossoneri, the Daily Sports reported.
The club has not made any final comments on Messi’s return to Barcelona and Laporta will be in charge of the operation. Although Mr Laporta knows the deal will be difficult, he thinks it is still possible next summer. Therefore, he will make every effort to facilitate the deal.
Lionel Messi will be given a few days off after leading Argentina to the World Cup, during which time Laporta is ready to get in touch with the Argentine. As president of Barcelona, Laporta is well aware that it is time to turn the page on what happened in the summer of 2021. At that time, Messi was completely ready to renew his contract with the club, but in the end he was forced to leave.
Reconciliation with Lionel Messi is the first and crucial step in a very difficult deal. With the return of Lionel Messi, one of the biggest problems facing Barcelona is financial difficulties and they are well aware that they cannot match the contract renewal offer offered by Paris Saint-Germain. In any case, Messi’s current contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires next summer, which means he will become a free agent and Barcelona will not have to pay a transfer fee. In addition, Barcelona have used temporary financial leverage many times, which can bring some money to the club.
Barcelona are well aware that the return of Lionel Messi means great attraction. Next season, due to the renovation of the Nou Camp, Barcelona will need to play at home at Montju ï c. If Messi can return, there will be no problem with the attendance of the stadium, which can avoid a huge loss of income for the club.
In the current situation, Laporta did not throw in the towel, he would like to see Messi play for his beloved club again. But logically, the deal will be very complicated. If that doesn’t happen, Laporta will focus on making Lionel Messi the club’s ambassador in the future.
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