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Eastern Sports: Qian Jieji and other Shenhua players will not play in the FA Cup, and negotiate with the club on contract issues

January 4 News This afternoon, Shanghai Shenhua will face off in the FA Cup quarter-finals
Cangzhou Lion.
According to the "Oriental Sports Daily" report, Qian Jiege and other Shenhua players will not play in the FA Cup, but will negotiate contracts and wage arrears with the club in Shanghai.

At present, many details of Shenhua’s equity transfer process are waiting to be implemented. The first one is the historical issue of wage arrears. The club has not yet officially entered the "Jiushi era".
It is reported that, including Qian Jiege, many players have stayed in Shanghai and will not play in the FA Cup. They will negotiate with the club on related issues such as contracts and salary arrears.

Wu Jingui said: "In the current team lineup, everyone is familiar with only 11 people, including Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Shenglong, Sun Shilin, Wang Haijian, He Longhai, Zhou Junchen, Wang Yi, Xu Yougang, etc. The rest of the team is from the echelon. We transferred from the U21 echelon.
seven players."

After the team arrived in Suzhou, another first-team player had a physical emergency and was unable to play.
Among them, in the goalkeeper position, Shenhua only has the goalkeeper Zhou Zhengkai who was born in 2001 available.

Since the shareholding reform has not been completely completed, the two senior executives of Jiushi Group went to Suzhou only in their own names, not to supervise the battle in the true sense.
It is reported that Jiushi is willing to pay 500 million yuan to repay the compensation and wage arrears that Shenhua has been involved in over the years, but how to allocate the funds reasonably and put them into use is still under discussion.