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Eric Garcia: Messi is the best player in the world. Pique can easily change the atmosphere of the team.

Recently, Barcelona’s Spanish centre-back Eric Garcia accepted an interview with Jijantes in Spain, and he talked about some topics about Messi, Pique and others.
— Macy
When I came to Barcelona, I thought I was lucky to train with Lionel Messi, but then he left. He is the best player in the world and has been shown in this World Cup.
Europa League against Manchester United
Manchester United is a team that is being rebuilt, with a lot of good players and it will be a wonderful game.
— seat B
I have always said that Manchester City’s best player in that position is bench B. if he comes to Barcelona, he will have to fight for the position and the competition is very big in Barcelona.
— join Barcelona
I really wanted to go back to Barcelona and I told Guardiola what I thought and he fully understood.
— Pique
We will miss Pique, he is a different person, he can easily use jokes to defuse the serious atmosphere, can play a good game, he until how easy to change the atmosphere.
— Fatti
Fatti’s mental nature is very strong, he works hard in the gym and pays great attention to maintenance, and for players like him, the reward will always come.