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ESPN because Ronaldo joined the team, Riyadh Victory laid new turf for the home court

January 6 According to ESPN news, due to the joining of Ronaldo, Riyadh Victory laid new turf for the team’s home court

Riyadh Victory’s home stadium can accommodate 25,000 people. The club removed the original turf and then entrusted the British SIS Pitches to replace the turf.
The company has helped Barcelona, Real Madrid, the FA, River Plate and Celtic replace pitches.
During the World Cup, Victory in Riyadh set up its home stadium as a fan park and erected a large screen for fans to watch the World Cup matches in Saudi Arabia.
And after organizers removed screens, seats and booths, the stadium’s turf needed repairs.

During the negotiations with Ronaldo, Riyadh Victory decided to find a top supplier to renovate the turf. Then they found SIS Pitches and completed the turf work before Ronaldo officially joined the team.