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ESPN: Manchester United suspects that the timing of signing a new striker in the winter window is limited by the transfer budget due to economic constraints.

ESPN reported on December 14, Manchester United will contact Benfica to ask about the potential of winter window signing Gonzalo Ramos, but the Red Devils may not buy new strikers.
With the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United are looking to bring in new strikers in the winter window. Their options include Gakpo, Gonzalo Ramos, Felix and Leo. However, Manchester United believe that the winter window may not be the right time to bring in new strikers.
According to sources, Manchester United will be subject to financial constraints, the transfer budget is limited, and the price of winter window signings is expected to be higher than that of summer window. As for coach Teng Hahe, he believes that the team is currently lack of options in the front line, and he hopes that the winter window will be able to introduce new strikers.
ESPN revealed that Benfica discussed a potential deal of around 20 million euros for Gonzalo Ramos this summer, and his value rose sharply as the Portugal international made a splash in the World Cup. The situation in Garkpo is similar, with PSV Eindhoven asking for 30 million euros in the summer window and about 50 million euros now.
As for Felix, although Manchester United have a chance to sign him in the winter window, the transfer fee is expected to cost 100 million euros, and Manchester United may also try to buy the Atletico Madrid striker in the form of a loan + compulsory buyout clause.
(Lin Yuan)