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ESPN: Russian Football Association will meet on Friday to discuss withdrawing from UEFA & joining AFC

The Russian Football Association (RFU) plans to hold an executive committee meeting on Friday to discuss matters related to withdrawing from UEFA and joining AFC, according to news from ESPN.
Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, all Russian clubs and national teams at all levels have been banned from participating in all competitions by FIFA and UEFA. According to sources, the Russian Football Association believes that although the ban continues, joining AFC will allow Russian teams to face a relatively friendlier football environment after the return of the FIFA ban.
At a meeting held on December 23, Moscow time, Gefa discussed the possibility of transferring the Russian Football Association to AFC, but the final decision will be made at the executive committee meeting on Friday.
Sources said Uefa is closely monitoring the situation and waiting for a statement from the Russian Football Association. Russia is currently one of the 55 members of Uefa, and the 2022 Champions League final was originally scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, but eventually moved to Paris, France.
Previously, there is no precedent for a member to withdraw from Uefa, but AFC has accepted members from other continents. Australia has been participating in intercontinental events as a member of the Asian Football Federation since it quit Oceania Football Federation and joined the Asian Football Association in 2006.