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Figure: Frankfurt will renew its contract with Delap for at least 5 years, including players and staying in the team.

December 14-German media “Sports Bild” reported in a new issue that Frankfurt will provide Trapp with a pension contract for at least five years, and players can also stay in the team after hanging up their boots.
32-year-old Trapp was pursued by Manchester United this summer, but he finally turned down the invitation, which made the fans very happy. Meanwhile, his contract renewal negotiations have been going on for several months, and his current contract runs until the summer of 2024.
According to the report, the contract renewal negotiations between the two sides involve a pension contract for at least five years: not only his contract as a professional player, but also his job to stay in the team after he hangs up his boots. If this is approved by sports director Closher and other senior executives, then Trapp will get a position at the club in the future.
Only salary issues are still under discussion: Trapp, who currently earns 3.5 million euros a year (excluding bonuses), is the top-paid player in Frankfurt. It is reported that in the case of contract renewal, his base salary will fall sharply, but various performance-related bonuses will be increased.
Trapp first joined Frankfurt in 2012. After playing for Paris for three years from 2015 to 2018, he returned to the River main and won the Europa League last season.