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Focus on small teams丨38-year-old Ochoa made his Serie A debut

Salernitana played against Milan at home. The team’s new aid Ochoa made his debut and made his career Serie A debut.
This is also the first time a goalkeeper from Central and North America has appeared since the three-point system in Serie A.

The last time Ochoa played in the top five leagues was in the 2016/17 season, playing for Granada.
That season, Granada was relegated from the bottom of La Liga. Ochoa played 38 games and conceded 82 goals.

Before that, he also served as the main goalkeeper for three seasons in Ligue 1 Ajaccio. In the first two seasons, he helped the team struggle to avoid relegation, but in the last season it was still difficult to escape the bad luck of relegation.
In other words, Ochoa had previously played in the five major leagues for four seasons as a main player and was relegated twice.