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Football News 2022 Super League yellow cards 1069 amp red cards 54 VARs are far behind the international level

January 9 According to the "Football News" report, the entire external environment in 2022 will continue to change, resulting in
Under the premise of constant adjustment of the venue and schedule of the competition, the Chinese Football Association Judgment Committee and the referee department of the Chinese Football Federation’s preparatory team worked together to ensure the integrity of the event to the greatest extent and ensure the complete operation of the entire season.

In the 2022 season, a total of 33 referees and 90 referees (46 chief referees and 44 assistant referees) have the qualifications for law enforcement in the Super League, but after the end of the season, a total of 44 referees and 43 assistant referees participated in law enforcement work
Among them, 38 referees participated in the law enforcement of the Super League. Of the two referees who failed to participate in law enforcement, one retired, and the other was unable to ask for leave from the original unit. The assistant referees who did not enforce the law were also unable to participate because of leave.

Among all law enforcement chief referees, Shi Zhenlu (Changchun) has served as the chief referee for 21 games in the Chinese Super League; Wang Dexin (Shenyang) has served as an assistant referee for 33 games.
In the actual 298 matches of this season, the referees issued a total of 1069 yellow cards, an average of 3.59 per game; a total of 54 red cards (including penalty orders from team officials), with an average of 0.18 per game; referees awarded a total of 86 penalty kicks
, averaging 0.29 per game.
If the average number of yellow cards in each game is averaged, the average number of yellow cards per game in the 2022 season is significantly lower than that of the previous two seasons. The year-on-year decrease is also the average number of red cards per game.
Certain results.

The referee’s running distance and method are often a reference value for measuring the difficulty and intensity of the game penalty. The average running distance of the referee in the 2022 season is 10,161 meters, with a maximum of 12,562 meters in a single game, and a maximum of 7,042 meters in a single game for high-intensity running.
There is no significant decline in relevant data from previous seasons.
Among the referees participating in law enforcement, referees under the age of 39.5 accounted for 37% of the total number. Since there is a task of training young referees every year, this season is no exception. This year, 5 referees whistled for the Super League for the first time.

The level of refereeing in any country cannot exist independently of the basic level of football in that country.
However, Chinese referees have never given up their efforts to learn and integrate with the world. Take VAR law enforcement as an example. The average number of games in the 2022 Super League VAR review analysis is 2.14, which is 0.49 percentage points lower than the 2.63 in the 2021 season.
It is 1.72.
On the whole, from 2020 to 2022, there is not much difference in the initial judgment error rate of referees in the key events of on-the-spot law enforcement in the three seasons, but there is still a big gap with the international advanced level (3.20 in the 2018 Russia World Cup).

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