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Football News talks about the 2023 professional league plan to suspend the league New Year’s Eve, with a high probability of canceling the U23 policy

January 9 News "Football News" published an article today about the blueprint plan for Chinese football in 2023.

In terms of the schedule of the league, considering the difficulty of starting the league immediately for the New Year’s Eve, the current preliminary plan is to suspend the league’s New Year’s Eve in the 2023 season, but will conduct demonstrations and discussions as soon as possible to determine the plan, so that the Chinese Super League clubs can renew their contracts, sign contracts, venues, etc.
There is a longer transition period in terms of preparation. According to the current situation, the league’s New Year’s Eve plan is expected to be finalized this year and officially launched in 2024.

In the 2023 season, there is a high probability that the U21 teams of the Chinese Super League/Chinese League One club will play in the Chinese League Two. It is worth mentioning that U21 will not be limited to the Chinese League Two. The Chinese Super League U21 team can play in the Chinese League One at most.
It is reported that this time the determination of the relevant departments is even greater, and the plan has also undergone preliminary demonstration.
In addition, the U23 policy is also likely to be canceled this year.

In terms of physical fitness improvement, in 2023, the Chinese Football Association may launch a physical fitness test. The test standard is a composite standard, including basic body indicators, especially body fat percentage, and also includes 12-minute running, return running and other items. Physical fitness testing is not used as a competition standard.
Entry standards, but will be announced to the public.

In addition, the official establishment of the Chinese Football Association is still an important task at present.
In fact, everything is ready for the establishment of the Chinese Football Association, and the Chinese Football Association preparatory team has operated the league for two seasons, but the decision to establish the Chinese Football Association does not lie with the Chinese Football Association.