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Football News The 2022 season U21 league has far exceeded expectations, and major reforms are being planned

January 9 According to the "Football News" report, the 2022 season U21 league results far exceeded expectations, and major reforms are being planned.

The role and harvest of the U21 league in the 2022 season must have far exceeded expectations. Many clubs in the Chinese Super League said that fortunately, they sent teams to participate in the U21 league, so that there are still players who can be recruited when the first team is staffed.
The U21 players have also maintained a fairly good competitive state.
The U21 League Organizing Committee believes that there are four main reasons why the U21 competition in the 2022 season is relatively satisfactory: first, the competition organization is relatively standardized, basically referring to the competition organization process of the Chinese Super League;
Third, the hardware conditions of the venue where the competition is held, especially the lawn conditions are relatively good; fourth, the logistics services are in place.

The leaders of the Chinese Football Association are also aware of the significance of this event, so they are considering further expanding the number of participating teams, but how to expand and the expanded competitive platform are still under consideration.
After being affected by the epidemic for three years, the teams are in tight finances, and similar youth competitions must be held successfully without causing greater trouble and burden to the club, and cannot affect the preparation of the first team. Therefore, the focus of planning now is to
, Under the premise that the general direction and main interests of the competition meet the real needs of each Chinese Super League team, should a large number of Chinese Super League U21 teams sink to the Chinese League B for training, or should the Chinese Super League teams establish a U21 league alone, and then let the U21 teams
The top two teams in the league will advance to the Chinese League B to participate in the competition, which needs to be determined after consultation with the clubs.

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