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Football News: The newly promoted Zhejiang team finished third and completed their goal of returning to the AFC Champions League two years ahead of schedule

January 1st, the Chinese Super League this season is all over, and the newly promoted Zhejiang team finally won the third place. "Football
"Newspaper" published an article saying that the Zhejiang team completed the goal of returning to the AFC Champions League two years ahead of schedule.
According to the report, the 2022 season ended smoothly. In the end, Zhejiang Professional Football Club won the third place with 65 points, 64 goals, and 28 conceded goals.
Qualification for play-offs.
In the first season after Zhejiang returned to the Chinese Super League, it did not spend huge sums of money to strengthen reinforcements for relegation, but only signed in individual positions according to the established goals.
Originally returning to the Super League in the 2022 season, they set the goal before the start of the season to rank in the middle and return to the AFC Champions League. They planned to consider it after two years after gaining a firm foothold in the Super League, but they did not expect to achieve it ahead of schedule in the first season.
Jiao Fengbo, the general manager of the club, said: "In the first year of returning to the Chinese Super League, we can win the AFC play-offs.
To live with pressure and challenge is what we have to do.” (Superman)