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Foreign media: Cristiano Ronaldo earns about $1.6 million for an ins commercial promotion, while Messi earns about $1 million

Nielsen Gracenote calculates that Cristiano Ronaldo earns $1.6 million per ad in Instagram, the highest of all players.
Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 480 million followers on Instagram and is the most influential athlete on the social platform, with an average of 10 million likes per trend.
Nielsen Gracenote uses tools to calculate that Cristiano Ronaldo earns about $1.6 million per business promotion, and about 50 million-60 million euros a year from this profit point.
Cristiano Ronaldo is followed by Lionel Messi (about 359 million fans), Neymar (about 178 million fans) and Mbappe (about 72 million fans), but their individual business promotion revenue is just over 1 million.
According to the agency, the French team has 11.7 million fans, the largest number of fans among the teams participating in the World Cup, followed by Brazil (11.3 million) and Portugal (10.3 million).
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