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Foreign media Klopp is dissatisfied with the boss. He was promised to buy a midfielder in the winter window but has not yet fulfilled

January 9 According to reports from Liverpool media indykaila, according to relevant sources, Liverpool
The manager is furious with the Fenway Group, which has so far failed to deliver on any of the promises Fenway made to Klopp.

Manager Jurgen Klopp has had commitments since the Fenway Group announced they were looking for an investment or a sale.

He has been told the club will get an investment in January and that the funds can be used to buy new midfielders.
Klopp is disappointed with the current team’s midfield, and he wants to sign 1 or 2 elite midfielders in the winter window.

However, none of Fenway’s promises to Klopp has been fulfilled at present, and Klopp is very angry about this.