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Former coach: under the right conditions, Nubel can reach Neuer’s level.

Recently, Vatroslav Miha “I”, the former Monaco goalkeeper coach, said that Nubel could reach Neuer’s level under the right conditions.
In the interview, the coach said: “under the right conditions, Nubel can reach the level of Neuer.” He came to Monaco in a whole new environment. He was in the shadow of Neuer and had little playing time. This created a lot of uncertainty, but after a shaky start, Nubel quickly proved his great potential through diligence and grew further. ”
“he is a very smart goalkeeper who can read the game well and is very brave in the save.”
On Nubel’s future, the coach said: “at Bayern, he can guarantee the best training.” The question is whether Neuer can continue to get regular playing time after his return. This is very important at this stage of Nubel’s career. ”