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Former Everton goalkeeper: Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure completely liberated B Fei, Manchester United belongs to his team

On December 28, former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard spoke to the Daily Mail about the B fee and said the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo made it possible for him to play better.
In the game that ended early this morning, Manchester United beat the visiting Nottingham Forest 3-0, and B Fei did well in the game. Tim Howard said in an interview that with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, B Fei was able to play better.
Tim Howard said: “before Cristiano Ronaldo came to Manchester United, B Fei was the leader of Manchester United.” But when Cristiano Ronaldo came to Manchester United, B Fei couldn’t play like he did before. But now that Cristiano Ronaldo has left the team, we will be able to see the old B fee again, and now Manchester United are his team and Casemiro’s team, which is what we want to see. ”
In addition, Robbie Musto also believes that Manchester United will do better without Cristiano Ronaldo, saying in an interview: “after winning this game, the gap between Manchester United and Tottenham narrowed to one point.” Manchester United would obviously do better without Cristiano Ronaldo. When Cristiano Ronaldo is at Manchester United, many young players will feel a lot of pressure, especially those up front.
“after Cristiano Ronaldo leaves, they will no longer have this kind of pressure, they can thrive. When Cristiano Ronaldo is on the court, you need to play around him a lot, which does affect the team, but now they don’t have to worry about it.
I was impressed by the performance of some attacking players, but although Martial scored a goal, I think his performance still needs to be improved. In addition, the performance of other Manchester United players in some positions has also been somewhat disappointing. Anthony is one of them and it’s nice to see him back in the Premier League. He’s still trying to influence the game with some small technical moves. He will have his moment, but he still needs time. These are all areas that Manchester United need to improve, but the overall form of the team looks very good at the moment. ”