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Four exercises a day, Umur19 looks forward to quenching into steel

In the misty rain of Chongqing on December 27th, ​​ 19 national men’s football team began the journey of preparing for the 2023 Umuri 20 Asian Cup. In the first training session, there was a simple 5V5 group confrontation, and the struggle between the players was also “sparks everywhere.” one side of the coaching staff members Shao Jiayi, du Zhenyu and Yang Zhi still reminded the team members loudly: “attention must be focused, this is the game!”
The training intensity exceeds the competition intensity.
In March 2023, the national youth players will go to Uzbekistan to face three group stage opponents, including Japan, Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan. Chongqing’s training is their last training in China before the big match. Team leader and assistant coach Shao Jiayi cherishes this opportunity very much and has particularly strict requirements on the team. “this training focuses on strengthening the construction of ideological style, strengthening physical fitness and improving technical and tactical ability,” he said. “the goal is to improve the team’s ideological unity and execution in an all-round way, and the training will be high-intensity and fast-paced. It is possible for us to make a breakthrough. ”
The Huaxia Institute of Aeronautics, where Guoqing is stationed, is located in the outer suburbs of Chongqing, which is especially suitable for closed training. here, the banner “fight for the country, sacrifice me, seize the day” hangs in the training ground, gym and training room. it shows the team’s common mission and determination.
In the first week, the schedule of the national youth team is very tight: a punctual meal at 7:00, a two-hour field ball training at 8:30, indoor physical training at 11:30, and a two-hour military training session in the afternoon. there is another two-hour team development class after dinner. At the end of military training a week later, the mode of “four exercises a day” will be changed to “two exercises a day”, but the training intensity will only continue to increase. “the intensity of training must be higher than the intensity of the competition, otherwise the training will be meaningless and will not meet the requirements of the intercontinental competition.” Shao Jiayi said. After this period of training, after a short rest, the whole team will fly to the United Arab Emirates to rendezvous with Antonio’s team of foreign coaches and enter the warm-up stage. Before entering the Tashkent stadium, the national youth will also warm up in Croatia before the match.
The players are also looking forward to getting together with the manager as soon as possible. “Anton is very competitive, which infects all of us.” Captain Yang Minjie said that the Spaniard is always full of desire to win in training, and he is sometimes even strict with details, and will never allow any slack on the court. In this regard, Shao Jiayi also benefited a lot. “Andong has very high requirements for training quality, confrontation intensity, and team combat, and we will implement his training plan to the letter in Chongqing.”
After Antonio’s careful creation, Guoqing has formed a set of tough and distinctive style of play: fighting and taking the initiative, fierce physical confrontation, rapid transformation of attack and defense. If this style of play is to play on its strengths and avoid weaknesses, it must be based on excellent physical fitness and hard training.
Standardization and customization of military training
At least two high-intensity technical and tactical training and physical fitness classes a day have been standard for this year’s national youth training, and the biggest change in this winter training compared with the past is the increase in the content of military training. To this end, at the mobilization meeting on December 26, team leader Shao Jiayi repeatedly stressed to the whole team that military training must be taken seriously.
The four instructors of a certain unit of the people’s Liberation Army stationed in Chongqing are in charge of military training, among which instructor Liu once had the background of working in Chongqing Lifan echelon and had a sufficient understanding of the characteristics of football players and the requirements of their physical conditions before the competition. Therefore, the instructors tailored a set of military training courses for this group of new soldiers, which should not only meet the strict requirements of the army’s standards, but also consider protecting the health of the team members. “the purpose of our design and organization of this military training is to pass on the soldiers’ sense of discipline, execution, and sense of honor to all members.”
The content of the first military training in the afternoon is relatively simple: line up, stand in military posture, stand in military posture, stop turning and walking in step. Under the demonstration and command of the instructor, 20 heroic players practiced conscientiously with commands, showing the vigor of the youth and the elegant demeanour of the recruits. At the same time, three coaches and a team doctor were also dressed in camouflage.
Because of the continuous cold rain outside, the evening development training continued in the training room. In the theoretical preaching session, the instructor repeatedly stressed the importance of “clear goals” in order to further stimulate the team members’ ambition to win glory for the country and the spirit of hard-working. In the development practice section, a special activity called “stick it out to the end” has been arranged. The specific content is that the team members put on goggles and sit on the ground, constantly repeating the action of raising their arms and rubbing their hands.
This seemingly simple activity was almost exhausting in just a few minutes, but when there was no time hint, only encouragement and music accompaniment, the whole team clenched their teeth for more than an hour. Afterwards, the players said one after another that they did not expect people to have so much potential to tap, which can help us to be more calm and confident in the face of the difficulties of the game.
When he returned to his room after the first day of training, captain Yang Minjie said that although the whole day of training was very tired, everyone felt very full, and military training would also make the team “more cohesive and considerate of others.” This persevering and never giving up team spirit is even more indispensable for next year’s trip to Central Asia.