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Goal net commented on Manchester United 3-0 Bournemouth losers: Van der Beek, Martial and Liverpool

January 4th, the 19th round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Burton 3-0 at home
Enmouth, cemented their place in the top four.
After the game, "Goal Net" commented that the losers of this game were Van der Beek, Martial and Manchester United’s rival Liverpool.

van der beek

I have to feel very sorry for the Dutch midfielder, who missed many opportunities.
This is only the second time Van de Beek has started in the Premier League this season, and his appearance has been very good.
But Senesi’s ugly foul forced Van der Beek to leave the field early, even before half-time.

Of course the Dutchman wants to continue, but his pain is also obvious. I hope this is not a serious injury, but it is still impossible to judge when Van der Beek will next play for Manchester United.


It was another game too quiet for him, with the French striker messing up his only chance to score.
Casemiro sent a beautiful pass to Martial in the second half of the game, but the latter missed it.
After the game, we saw Martial walk away dejectedly, which is not surprising and not a good sign.


United fans were delighted when the Reds were beaten by Brentford on Monday, and today’s win only made them more miserable.
Already seven points clear of their arch-rivals, Ten Hag’s men are increasingly confident of a place in next season’s Champions League, while Liverpool are doing the exact opposite.

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