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Halftime-Dimarco Damian missed a good opportunity Lukaku threatened Inter Milan to temporarily tie Naples 0-0

January 5 News January 5th at 3:45 am, 2022
-The 16th round of Serie A in the 23 season started at the Meazza Stadium, and Inter Milan played at home against Naples.
In the first half, Dimarco and Damian missed opportunities, Lukaku made a threat, and Inter Milan temporarily drew 0-0 with Naples at home.

【Focus moment of the game】

In the 3rd minute, Lukaku made a pass from the right to the back point, and DiMarco followed up and shot the sliding goal.

In the 4th minute, Dzeko made a ball with his heel, and Lukaku failed to take a shot in the penalty area, and the ball was also offside.

In the 25th minute, Lukaku made a low pass, Dzeko made another ball, and Damian followed up with a high shot.

In the 39th minute, Inter Milan had a chance to counterattack. Barrera made the ball with his heel, and Lukaku inserted the goal above the crossbar.

In the 40th minute, Barrera swept into the penalty area, and DiMarco shot a low shot from close range and was confiscated by Meret.

In the 44th minute, Di Lorenzo made a pass from the right, and Anguisa missed the shot from the right side of the penalty area.

[Information on starting and substitutions of both sides]

Inter Milan starting: 24- Onana, 37- Skriniar, 95- Bastoni, 15- Acerbi, 36- Damian, 32- Di Marco, 23- Barrera,
20-Charhanoglu, 22-Mkhitaryan, 9-Dzeko, 90-Lukaku

Substitutes not played: 1-Handanovic, 21-Kordaz, 2-Dumfries, 5-Gagliardini, 6-De Vrij, 8-Gosens, 10-Lauta
Luo, 11- Correa, 12- Bellanova, 14- Aslani, 33- D’Ambrosio, 45- Caponi, 46- Sanotti

Naples starting lineup: 1-Meret, 17-Oliviera, 3-Kim Minjae, 13-Rahmani, 22-Di Lorenzo, 68-Lobotka, 20-Zelinski, 99-
Anguisa, 77-Kvaratsheria, 21-Politano, 9-Osmeen

Substitutes not played: 12-Mafera, 30-Sirigu, 4-Dem, 5-Juan Jesus, 6-Mario Rui, 7-Elmas, 11-Lozano,
18-Simone, 23-Zerbin, 31-Zedadka, 55-Ostigo, 59-Sanoli, 81-Raspadori, 91-Ndombele