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Han Qiaosheng talked about U15 match-fixing: if the punishment is ruthless and timely, will there be hope for Chinese football if children play match-fixing?

December 25-Guangdong U15 match-fixing incident was dealt with by many people, Han Qiaosheng expressed his views on this.
Han Qiaosheng: “it was reported on December 25 that last night, the Guangdong Provincial discipline Inspection Commission informed the Guangdong Provincial discipline Inspection Commission of the handling results of the men’s U15 match-fixing incident in the Guangdong Games, and the website of the Central Commission for discipline Inspection and National Supervision Commission also announced to the public, which shows that we should crack down on match-fixing severely. Never indulge! Sixteen personnel were held accountable for the punishment.
The punishment this time is quite severe, and after the punishment, the Commission for discipline Inspection and Supervision also said that in order to carry forward the spirit of Chinese sports, it is necessary to do a good job in building the style of football, investigate and deal with serious violations of competition style, such as match manipulation, with zero tolerance, and resolutely put an end to unhealthy and evil tendencies such as playing fake football, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the football cause.
This punishment is very timely, it is also a harbinger of a heavy blow to clean up football, it is true that this youth match-fixing has gone too far. We all say that teenagers are the hope of the future, and the future of Chinese football lies in the development of youth football. If these children who love to play football are abetted to play fake football when they are young, what hope is there for Chinese football in the future? This punishment is stable and ruthless! It makes people clap their hands! ”

On August 7 this year, the Guangzhou team beat Qingyuan team 5-3 to win the championship in the U15 men’s B group A final of the 16th Guangdong Games. In this competition, the performance of athletes from both sides on the court was widely questioned by public opinion, which aroused concern from all walks of life. The Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to this and starts the investigation process. An investigation team, including the Competition Department and the discipline Inspection Department, will be formed to conduct an investigation in Guangzhou on August 8. Both Evergrande and Guangzhou teams have been questioned.